Wednesday, 21 August 2013

I'm back... with a new blog!

Hello, long time no see!

I know this blog may appear to have been abandoned, but I promise it hasn't! After Christmas I was so busy with coursework, which then led into the exam season, I had no time for blogging. I have greatly missed reading others posts and writing on this blog, as I enjoyed it so much.

Over the short period of time I have been posting on "Jem's Polish" I have had over 2000 page views from all over the world, and gained 13 lovely followers - something I could never imagine!

So, I have created a new blog, which I am determined to post regularly, hopefully at least once a week. I wanted to have a fresh start at blogging, and will not only focus on nails, but make up and lifestyle things too - "a bits and bobs blog!"

Again, apologies for the 6+ months gap (eek!), and you can now find me
on "oh so jem"!


Jem x

Tuesday, 29 January 2013



I'm so sorry I've not posted in a while, it feels like forever! I hope you all had a great Christmas (wow, this is really late, isn't it?!) I have been so busy with coursework deadlines at school I haven't had a chance to blog!

This post is just to say I'll hopefully be back to blogging soon, so please don't feel I've abandoned nail blogging!! I have my Christmas haul and I have some lovely new polishes that I look forward sharing with you! I hope to post soon!


Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Shocking Pink - Barry M

Hello! I'm sorry I haven't posted for a while, I've been busy studying and haven't had a chance to post! Although do not fear, my nails have been kept pampered, polished and painted (with the slight use of more hand cream for this chilly weather)!

I absolutely love this time of year. I'm enjoying the wintery feel of everything! The warm knitted jumpers, wrapping up with scarves and gloves, the touch of frost pushing its way into the air, and leaves departing trees. AND it is nearly Christmas!! Hearing Christmas songs on the radio always puts a smile on my face, and I can't get enough of the dark, berry-like shades of nail polishes!

I've got a couple of new polishes to post soon - I wish I could say a 'haul' but I'm afraid I haven't got that many new ones!

This post has been waiting to be published for a while, which is due to myself making the silly mistake of writing about this polish and not saving it - only the pictures and title! Grr. Anyway, after a frustrating mishap, here is Shocking Pink by Barry M. 

Shocking Pink. They certainly named this correctly!! This pink is brilliant, so bright and bold.

I've had this polish for a while and I love it. I think the flash has made it almost neon, which it isn't, but in real life it is still 'Shocking'!

This is such a classic colour, and I think everyone has got to own one. The formula was great, and I think I used two coats for these pictures. I think a glitter like Pink Sapphire would look amazing over this, too! 

I promise to not leave it as long this time, and I will be posting more very soon! :-)

I am considering making a few small changes to my blog, for example the alignment of the text, the pictures and I may I look into altering the layout etc. Is there any other things I could do to improve? Please comment.

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Pink Sapphire - Barry M

Hello :-)

After finding out Barry M have released new polishes I couldn't wait to go and buy some! Especially as there were new glitters. Superdrug did a great deal: buy 2 products and get a nail effect free (either Black Croc or the Orange Web). When I first heard about the Web effect I thought it sounded quite cool, but I'm glad I didn't choose it as I've seen the effects which are disappointing! I chose 2 of the new glitters; Amethyst, Pink Sapphire and Black Croc effect as my freebie.

Bursting with excitement, I applied Pink Sapphire over one coat of Strawberry Ice Cream by Barry M. As it was only one coat it was not opaque, but I simply couldn't wait for another one! Like many glitters, I couldn't apply it by swiping the brush along like normal polish, so I had to dab it on. A lot of glitter applied with one brush load, and 2/3 covered the nail well.

I adore this glitter, the silver bars works brilliantly with the pink and silver hexagrams -  There is even very fine pink glitter too! I finished with a topcoat, although it didn't have the normal glitter roughness, I just wanted to make it extra shiny!

The next day I decided to add another glitter coat, but I could of happily left it with one coat. I think that one coat is more subtle, whereas two coats is just...

Wow! It really made a difference with two coats! Application was the same on the second coat, and I can honesty say this is one of my favourite glitters EVER!

I also found that applying one coat of glitter, adding a topcoat, then adding another glitter layer (and topcoat) created a brilliant layered effect. I'm not sure if this is visible in the pictures, but I'd definitely recommend doing it!

I love this pink combination, and I can't wait to use my Amethyst glitter and the Black Croc too! I am also going to experiment with Pink Sapphire over a black and darker polishes. I'm not exactly thrilled at the prospect of taking this off, but it's so beautiful I can't moan!

What do you think? :-)

Pompous - Rimmel London

Following my horrible broken nail, here is Pompous by Rimmel London. I have had this for a good year or two so I have no idea if it is still available!

I was quite excited to see this on my nails, as I thought the colour in the bottle looked gorgeous. I expected it to be a bit more of a rich purple but it has more shimmer in it than I thought.

It says "Xpress Brush 1 Sec Application" however I used 2 coats. I am struggling for words on how to describe the formula, with only 'a bit odd' coming to mind! The brush was very big (a bit too big for some of my nails) so I found applying the first coat very tricky. The result after 1 coat left me quite shocked but another made it even and a lot better. Finished with a topcoat.

I didn't time how long it took to take the polish to dry, although it was pretty fast!

Overall, I thought this polish was okay, but it isn't one that I can't wait to wear again. I thought the colour was pretty, however I do not think it really suits me - despite loving wearing dark polishes! I prefer plain colours rather than shimmer/pearlescent effects, so this didn't really tick my boxes unfortunately!

Broken Nail

I never knew how much it hurt breaking a nail! As well it being absolutely heart-breaking, it was incredibly painful! While trying to collect tree bark for my art work, a chunk of my thumb nail snapped off! Not only did it break quite far down the nail, it also effected some layers!

The disaster happened when I had Cobalt Blue by Barry M on my nails! I was devastated :-(


This led to me cutting all of my nicely square shaped nails down, trying to disguise the length of the thumb nail! Gutted! :-(

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Cobalt Blue - Barry M


Sorry I have not posted for a while, I've been so busy with school work and I've also had a horrible cold, which I'm just getting over, finally!!

So, I am going to do a whopping 6 posts! Woo :-)

This is Cobalt Blue by Barry M, a brilliant electric blue! I've had this polish for a couple of years now and I only wore it a handful of times when I first got it. I love blue polishes and decided to put this on - how amazing is it?!

I had no idea how electric the blue was! I was so shocked! I absolutely LOVE it.

If I remember correctly, this is 2 coats. Like all Barry M formulas, I had no faults and it applied nicely. I had lots of compliments about this brilliant blue and I couldn't stop looking at my nails.

I would definitely recommend this nail polish, everything is brilliant! If you love blue polish like I do, this is a must!

What do you think? :-)